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Customer Testimonials

Mike Henebry

“This is by far the best keel protection that I have ever used. It is light weight and very abrasion resistant.”

Big Wave

“This product is wonderful. KeelEazy has even come out with a new product called HealEazy.  It quickly installs under your heel where it rests on the hull of the kayak and prevents your heel from rubbing a hole in the bottom.”

Gene Matt

“I purchased a KeelEazy product from the online store at keeleazy.com, and I am very happy with the results following a week long kayak tour of the lower Colorado river through Lake Mojave. Whereas, other unprotected areas of the kayaks were scratched, the Keeleazy areas were very well protected.”

Catherine Foley

“I purchased 20 ft of the white for my P&H Cetus on-line from you guys. I’m very satisfied with the product and have recommended it to several friends. It took me about 20 minutes to apply, after watching your YouTube installation video. I’ve dragged my boat across the rocks on the coast of Maine, played in rock gardens and had a few scrapes. The KeelEazy strip has no damage to it. It’s definitely a better option than a fiberglass strip if you don’t need the extra rigidity you’d get from a glass strip.”


Just wanted to tell you that I put the Keel eazy strip on my boat and it worked great. I am really happy with it. It was indeed easy to apply. Only took me about twenty minutes. I was a little wary at first about the area turning up to the bow and stern. I was concerned about getting some buckling, but using my heat gun and a cloth to apply pressure it layed down perfectly. A great product. Thanks!